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What is "Senju Pun-filled Music Festival"?

“Senju Pun-filled Music Festival” is a project to study “Dajare Music” with composer Makoto Nomura and “Dajare Music Community Band” who gathered through open calls. It is held as a part of “Art Access Adachi: Downtown Senju - Connecting through Sound Art”, the project which hold a variety of art programs under the theme of “sound” in cooperation with Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo, Adachi City, Tokyo University of the Arts Faculty of Music, and NPO Otomachi Project.

What is “Pun-filled Music”?

“Pun-filled Music” is the fusion of puns, or “dajare” in Japanese, and music. In this music, we combine word and word or find out word from word, and we think the way of playing music from these words.


For an example, I will show you how we came up with the word “Fuerumata” as the title of a tune. Within the musical term “fermata,” we find out the Japanese words “fue,” which means “flute,” “fueru,” which means “to increase,” and “matta” which means “wait.” In this tune, the number of flute players increase gradually and when the conductor makes the gesture to “wait,” the players stop what they were playing, and play a fermata tone at the same time.


There are many other types of “Dajare Music.” For example, songs in which the words are made from puns, tunes played with movies in which people are interviewed to say puns, and so on.

These tunes are mainly made in the workshops with “Dajare Music Community Band.”

The history of “Senju Pun-filled Music Festival”

In "Senju Pun-filled Music Festival", various concerts and workshops have held in Senju, Tokyo.


On March 17th, 2012, we presented a “Furofessional Concert” at a public bath house. “Furo” means “bath” in Japanese. This was the first concert of “Dajare Music.” In this concert, we made sounds from water, and took advantage of the reverb of the large bathing room.


Youtube =

On March 16th, 2013, we held “The First Regular Concert.” In this concert, we collaborated with many professional musicians, and played multimedia music with movies, cartoons, and so on.


On November 10th, 2013, we held a lecture concert which we called “Welcome Memet to Geidai!”  In this concert, we invited the Indonesian composer Memet Chairul Slamet, and played his music and “Dajare Music” using gamelan, Japanese traditional instruments, and Western classical instruments.

On March 16th, 2014, we held a lecture concert which we called “Welcome Thai Anant to Geidai!” In this concert, we invited the Thai ethnomusicologist and musician Anant Narkkong, and co-create new “Dajare Music” with “Dajare Music Community Band.”

On October 12th, 2014, we held a concert called “Senju no Senju nin.” “Senju” is the name of area where we create “Dajare Music”. In Japanese, “sen” means “one thousand,” and “ju” originally means “living”, but also means “ten.” As these puns, we gathered 1010 people in this concert. There is a huge variety of instruments, such as guitar, ukulele, koto, brass, woodwind, recorder, melodica, paper drum, djembe, roof tile, kithen ware, gamelan, piphat, dog, paper airplane, kite, baseball player, rope skipper, food wagon, and facilitator. For this concert, Makoto Nomura, Memet Chairul Slamet and Anant Narkkong composed each new tune which is played by 1010 people.

In December 2015, the members of “Dajare Music Community Band” went to Thailand and collaborated with Thai musicians, children, and many other people. On February 21th, 2016, we hold the comeback concert in Senju. In this concert, we looked back the trip to Thai through film, talk and performance.

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